Monday, October 22

Vintage Photoshoot

Hello guys, so here is what I was doing yesterday.
Did some photoshoot with my Sisters and My Boyfriend as The Photographer :D
actually, he is just starting to improve his skill in photography.
Using Canon EOS 1100D for this photoshoot, and I think that the Result is pretty good for newbie.
And theme of photoshoot for yesterday is Vintage.
I think you all guys know that I love vintage.

We used The Windmill as The Background, actually the windmill is in a bad condition. It's not in care anymore. Really smelly and stuffy. But in fact, it's a good place for do some photoshoot. Love The "Uncare Windmill"
Actually, we took these photos at 5 P.M. Reallyyyy, kinda so HOTTTT there.

Little Holland

Lace Top - Lace Tanktop inside - Floral Print Ballerina Skirt - Everbest Browny High Heels - Wood Bracelets
Details of my Outfit Yesterday.

Another Bad Background for the photoshoot.
Called Gazebo. It used to be so smelly, but probably the Gardener has cleaned up The Gazebo.
 So, we can took some photos without tortured here.

Make Up by Cindy

Out of "Thousand Photos" of this photoshoot, this background is I love the most!
why? Cause you can get the feeling here, feeling so vintage. like back to the Old Century ;D
Look at the design, the architecture. Really so vintage.

Zoom In

Photos by JN

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