Monday, February 18

Lazy Sunday

Happy Belated Valentine! 
Yesterday, I was celebrating my Valentine with Juwandi. We celebrate it lately cause on Feb, 14th, we both were in different places. So, he paid me on Sunday! This place is located inside BlueSky Hotel . Honestly, it was my first time here, so I was so excited. "Kaizeki Japanese Restaurant" is truly the most delicious Japanese food in town and the most expensive too! But for me, its food is worth it with the price.

Sushi Corner

 I love how they design this restaurant. You can get the Japanese feeling here. The decoration, the tables, the chairs and of course the food are looking so comfy. They have a teppanyaki tables too where we can see the chef's cooking directly in front of us. So, Juwandi and I chose teppanyaki sets and we sat right in front of the chef! Juwandi thinks that the art of this teppanyaki menu is to see the chef's cooking.

Bon Appetit!
Salad - Sashimi, Vegetables, Squids in Thousand Island Sauce
Appetizer - Vegetables, Onions and Mushrooms  
Salmon Sashimi

Main Course - Chicken
Miso Soup - Japan Tofu and Seaweeds
Yang Chow Fried Rice

Dessert - Fried Banana with Ice Cream on top 
Juwandi and I spent about IDR500.000+ here. Cause he chose a Beef Teppanyaki Set, so his is more expensive than mine (Chicken Teppanyaki Set). I love the Miso Soup and the Sashimi. Delicious! It's a regret if you guys haven't taste it yet. Althought we called it a Valentine's Celebration, but for me yesterday was just a lazy sunday. Juwandi and I spend our sunday together rarely, so if we get a chance to go out on Sunday, we'll be celebrate it! funny, isn't it? hahaha.

Photos by Me

Tuesday, February 12

Happy Chinese New Year

Older Sister and Younger Sister

It's Chinese New Year! 2 days before CNY, my family had a Birthday Party for my Grandma's Older Sister. So, I was wearing my 2-yrs-Cheongsam for the first time. My Grandma was bought me this Cheongsam when she was in Shanghai, China. I really love the details of this Cheongsam and the fabric too.
When my Grandma bought this for me, I was like thinking "Where'll I go with this Cheongsam or When will I wear this?" And my questions were answered! I decided to wear this Cheongsam right in that day. And many oldies said it looks good on me. I met my matchy background right after the event finished. So, I took some photos with this background. Chinese New Year was on its way to come!

Cheongsam - Shanghai, China; Handbag - Gosh; Suede Wedges - Charles&Keith

Chinese New Year's Eve

Red Tanktop by Colorbox - Sequin Bodycon Skirt by Local Brand - Metallic Belt by Gaudi
Me and My Cousin
In CNY's eve, my dad's family were gathering to had dinner and welcoming Snake Year together.
I couldn't take many pics here, but I'm happy enough cause I met my cousin & we took photos.

CNY Day 1

Brother and Sister
The Sisters
Plaids T-Shirt & Metallic Belt by Gaudi - Tanktop &Shorts by Colorbox - Flats by The Little Things She Needs
Chinese New Year Day 1
we greet each other a very happy new year. We're wearing red things (esp. clothes). And usually, older people & married ppl in the house have to give childrens or unmarried ppl a lucky money in red envelopes. And my 1st lucky money was from my Lovely Granny! =D

CNY Day 2

It was 12am, and when the day changed from 10th to 11th, we went to a temple for praying. We thanked Gods and Goddessess for what we've been through this past year and hope for the best luck in new year. And usually, when we go to the temple, we've to wear red clothes. Cause I love red too, I didn't mind to wear this colour anytime! And we have a tradition that in Day 2 of cny, we open the new year by gathering and have breakfast in the morning with family. The Breakfast is like have lunch for me, cause we have to eat rice in the morning. 

Daddy and Mommy
Flowery Wool Skirt - Gaudi

CNY Day 2 - Dinner with Juwandi's Family & friends 

in the evening, Juwandi picked me up and we went to had a dinner with his family and friends. It was an amazing dinner. We had so much fun and laughing all night long! I really appreciate it when his dady and mommy invited me to join in the dinner. It was a happiness for me.

(from left - right) Juwandi, me, His Older Brother, His Younger Brother, Daddy and Mommy

This food's name is Ie-Shang Salad. We mixed up the sauces and the vegetables together and then we eat that. We mixed it up together before we eat it, cause it means togetherness. We hope that we'll always together and have a happy year ahead. 

All photos are taken by Juwandi, Iswandi and Aswandi
I wish you all a Very Happy Chinese New Year!
Have a Prosperous Year ahead. Best Luck and Great Health :)

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