Monday, November 26

Cloudy Sunday Afternoon


Yesterday, Juwandi and I were invited by his friends to go for jogging. 
So, we took place like housing complex near his friend's house for jogged. And when we got tired, we took some break and took some photos. Actually, yesterday was the very first time Juwandi and I did exercise like jogging, cause we didn't even have time for do some exercises before.

same pose with the Gold

Shirt from Local Brand - Shorts by Mango - Socks by Converse - Sneakers by Polo - Sunnies by Rayban

Mongly and I

Love the View in this housing complex. But, unfortunately this garden is not in care by the management here. 

Hope Juwandi and I can do this more often. Honestly, our bodies need some exercises to do.

all photos by Juwandi

Thursday, November 22

Week-Cation in Jakarta, Indonesia

Day 1 - Nov, 17th 2012

Juwandi & Me
4 days ago, Juwandi and me went to Jakarta for his cousin's wedding. And we took this opportunity for our first holiday together. Actually his mom has gone there one day before our flight. Honestly, that was the first time for me to went to Jakarta.

Day 2 - Nov, 18th 2012

Bakmi Awai - Jl. Pluit Sakti
Day 2, me and his lil' family went to this place to had breakfast. Actually, this place is really well-known with its Bakmi and Kwetiau (Chinese Food). And the taste is delicious too :9

After we had finished our breakfast, we went to Vihara Dharma Suci where the Blessing of Wedding was held here.

In Front Of Vihara Dharma Suci

The Gods and The Goddess

Me and Juwandi's Mom

The Wedding Book

Wedding Rings

What a Coincidence, we were in Red :D

The Altar

We were in confused when we think about why does this Buddha's Head is looking to the Left side. 
And when we got the answer, many old ppl said that cause Buddha doesn't care and doesn't want to know, who is the Richest or Poorest, or who is the Best and The Worst in this world. In His eyes, everybody are all the same :)

The Stars of The Day

The Groom

The Bride


This is the Place where the Wedding was held. the Ballroom is Big, so "WOW" to be here. 
Food is also recommended and its service was good too. The Waiter or Waitress are good too.
One word to describe this Hotel : AMAZING! :D

Lobi Hotel

Me with His Bro

Me with His Cousin - Vikki Nagari

Charles & Keith

Me with His Aunties

Day 3 - Nov, 19th 2012

Pasar Muara Karang

Day 3, we went to a traditional market which is located not so far from where we lived. 
But, unfortunately, I didn't have chance to looking around there. So, me, juwandi and his father had breakfast there. Full of Medanese food there too :D and this is my outfit for day 3.
wearing white tee with my pencil necklace, mixed up with my nudie jeans and flat shoes :D
After that, we were going back to apartment, packing and cause we still had time, me and juwandi went to Emporium Pluit Mall again. And this is my outfit for the mall and airport.

Collar Floral Top from Local Brand - Nudie Jeans - Bow Flat Shoes from Little Things She Needs - Balenciaga Bag

Little Things She Needs

Emporium Pluit Mall - Jakarta Utara

Delicious Drink - "Come Buy"

Hush Puppies


Burger King

Headed Back to hometown

Good bye, Jakarta! 
See you soon when I see you :D

This is what we got for our lunch!
Japanese food called YOSHINOYA :9
actually I don't really like this food, I prefer Sushi Tei or Hachi-Hachi, but my boyf really like it. So, here is what we've got. But the food is not bad too..

Actually, for me, it was a good week-cation.
His family is good to me too and they really were welcoming me well :)
It was good to know them..
About where I lived when I was in Jakarta, I lived in his Apartment on 12th floor :D and fortunately, my room has a good view..

my room

Living Room

Dining Room




Swimming Pool

all photos by Juwandi

So, this is my story about my week-cation week in Jakarta :D
I like Jakarta more than my hometown. Cause the weather was good there.
But, the traffic jam can't be avoided. But over all, Jakarta was good!
See you soon JKT..

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