Wednesday, October 31

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Put my Bedroom as the Background for my Photoshoot. Like what I've said before, in here, we don't really celebrate Halloween, and honestly this is my first photoshoot for Halloween. I don't have any idea tho about my costume. So, I just took what I saw on my Closet and mixed it up. And here is what I've got last night.
I think that Halloween also well-known as a scary day, ghosts, darkness, black.. And that's why i just combined all of my Dark Outfits to wore, and Black Make Up.
And about the Coat, actually it's a Dress and I turned it into a Coat. and about my Costume, I would like to named it as A Sexy Witch! hahaha  

Make Up by Cindy

Love my Cheek's Shades :D


Watch Out! it's Halloween!

Studs Spikes Coat - 2 tones Tanktop - Peplum Basic Black Skirt - Charles & Keith  Heels

Details of my Coat

Photo by Cindy
This is Behind The Scene of my Photoshoot yesterday for Halloween :D

My Make Up Artist : Cindy
She is my Sister, she is learning make up and last night, I asked her help to make me up for my Halloween Photoshoot! :D

My Messy Desk

Monday, October 29

Another Sketches

Flowers Print on the Gown 

My 3rd and 4th Sketches :D Hope it's better than the 1st and 2nd ones. ahahaha.
This is the most that I love. will be uploading some sketches later ;)

Really in Love with Red's everywhere 

Happy Earlier Halloween!

Cambridge Satchel Bag - Peplum Blouse - Pencil Necklace - Zara Jegging - Everbest Heels
Happy Halloween everyone :D
Actually, in here, we don't really celebrate Halloween, althought I want to feel that real feeling about Halloween, when the kids come to your house in the night, knock your door then when you open up that door, there'll be children's voice "Trick ot Treat". Could be so funny.. hahaha.
But, cause I want to celebrate my own Halloween style, I hunted some properties for my custome.
Lil' bit confused about what costume and what make up should I use.

Actually, still confused about what costume should I use on Halloween, but when I saw this beautiful hat, just want to wear this on Halloween. What do you guys think?
My friend told me to wear Pirate Costume, lil bit sexy (she said!) ahaaha. But it's kinda difficult to find that costume. Maybe I'll be wearing Witch Costume. Search for the coat or just make the witch hat :D
and put some scary make up with my chinese eyes hahahaa. Well, let's see!

In love with this Simple Sneakers :D so comfotable to wear, but poor me, my mumma didn't allow me to buy this pair of shoes. So, I just took this photo, cause I know, I won't have it. Besides, I have a target that I want to buy Zara heels or flats, so just let this baby go :(

Cambridge Satchel Bag with My ex-Baby 

Sunday, October 28

Blitz Theater

So, this is my make up and place that I went to with My Boyf and some friends. hahaha. Starting our weekend by came up to the new theater in town. And it was so crowded there. 
Yeap, to went there, we had to spent a half hour in a crowded road.
eyeshadow and Blush On by MAC - Eyeliner by Revlon - Lipstick by Oriflame
Blitz Theater
So, here we were! Blitz Theater is an Elite and Classy Theater in Indonesia. Because it just came up to my hometown, people here are all wanted to know and feel this Theater. 

Look at the design. Kinda weird yet unique for me, cause we have to buy the ticket first in front of the theater and when we want to come in to the inside, we have to give and show our tickets first too. As we know (here), we usually buy ticket and food inside the theater. And we'll show our ticket when it's time to watch the film. And about the colour of this theater, really love it! You'll see Red Colour everywhere here :D

Juwandi not really like this new theater. Cause he thinks that this new theater isn't really comfort, especially the seats. About the food, we don't really know. Cause we didn't have time to buy some food there. We were in hurry, cause yeah, you know. We spent a half hour in a crowded road -_-

Juwandi & I

Me and my friend again :D 

Whole Outfit : Cambridge Satchel Neon Yellow Bag - Jade Bracelet - Pattern Black & White Dress - Everbest High Heels

Saturday, October 27

De Cafe Resto & Cafe by BlueSky Group

Last night, I had a double date with my Friends.
Had some fun, going out for dinner and chilling.
So, we were going for had dinner at 7 p.m. And we chose this Cozy and Comfy Place. This place is a Cafe & Resto, 2 in 1 place :D
And for some suggestions, I think you guys have to try this place. Going out with friends, Dating with Your Love One or Have some quality time with your family. This is the Right Place to go :D

The Design is all about French Resto. Love the Vintage Atmosphere here.
Look at the Kitchen Bar. So vintage, and the Waiters are so friendly there. Anyway, I love their Costume's Colour :)

Look at the Roses above your head. Love the Classic Clock, and so Down to Earth.
Imagine you eat there and you can see the roses above your head. feel like we're in French or somwhere classy.

Here is the View of where I was sitting last night. So, the Resto is divided into two categories.
The one that I sat here, is a No Smoking room and the one that There is a Kitchen Bar is a Smoking room.
Actually this place is not really cold. I don't know, maybe they have trouble with their Air Conditioner.
And what I love is we separated by this fringe. 

And this is what I've got above my head. Roses are eveywhere :D
look at the Wall, they designed the wallpaper well.
They provide a Swing Chair too for you who bring your kids. But if adult want to sit there, it's Okay tho.

Kangkung Balacan - Ayam Goreng De Cafe - Udang Tepung Mayonaise
And about the foods, no doubt, really delicious and yummy!
they provide all varian foods from Indonesian food - Western food - Japanese Food - Chinese Food.
and what I was eating last night is Kangkung Balacan & Ayam Goreng De Cafe - it's Indonesian, Udang Mayonaise - Chinese food.
They have a unique plate shape too. You know what? The glass of tea is like a flowers vase :D

Crab Corn Soup
This one is not really recommended. Cause it has no taste but too much pepper. Not really delicious, besides, too much pepper isn't really good for your throat :)

We are in White, it was a Coincidence anyway ;D
You can see this place at
They have the Best food in town, for sure!

Friday, October 26

Purple Friday

Here is my Outfit for yesterday and I would like to say, TGIF! :D

Shirt from Local Brand - Premium Denim Wear by Zara - Browny High heels by Everbest - Givenchy Bag

Actually, I've had this shirt for long time, but I just forgot that I have this shirt. And just remember it yesterday. So, I wore it with my trousers from Zara and add my Classic Vintage Necklace :D

This is my friend, her name is Mongly :D Her name really show that she is Chinese ahaahah.
She has simple outfit yet comfy for herself. She is a simple girl too, loves Hello Kitty (look at her shoulder bag, Her watch and her Bow sandals). She is a humble girl too, never look down on someone. 
And she is always laughing out loud if we met. I don't know, maybe I have a funny face :p
Because she has ever said that I'm a funny girl x_x. And last night she was laughing out loud *again, cause I broke my diet just because of Ice cream and it all because of her tho! ahahaha. 

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