Friday, October 26


After we had our dinner, we were going to Haagen-Dasz :D
Best Ice cream ever in town. Honestly I'm on diet and they broke my diet with this Ice cream!

Because yesterday was a National Holiday, so it was crowded there. From child - adult came to this place.

Haagen-Dasz Fondue with Waffle
This is the Right Choice for you who come here with your friends or family. They give you 16 mini scoops ice cream with 4 different tastes :D and the point is, you can choose your own taste!
There should be no waffles for toppings and it should be fruits and cookies, but cause there were so much ppl who came there, some fruits like strawberry, green apple, and cookies like brownies are out of stock. So, they changed it with waffles. And we had to waiting for 7 mins longer than usual but it all very worthed :D

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