Wednesday, January 28

Seoul, Korea (April, 2014) - Day 1


Really long time no update, been really really busy with everything. And just got time to update with you guys.
My preps of wedding, new home, setting up my new life with hubby. Everything was perfect and truly, this is like a dream to me. To be married in sucha really young age, but it was ok as long as I'm ready, right?

Anyway, this trip to Seoul was actually in April, 2014 (sorry :P)
I did my pre-wedding shots there with another couple as well from my hometown.
And of course, while we were in Seoul for the shots, we extended the days til' one week there to had some fun. Besides, it was SPRING! haha. perfect, huh?

So, we took our flight from Jakarta to Seoul by transit in Guang Zhou Airport. We had our lunch there.

Baiyun Int'l Airport

And then, we continued our flight to Seoul.

Incheon Airport

We arrived in Incheon at night, got picked up by our guest house's staff and in the morning, the taxi came to drive us to Seoul.
And my very first cafe in Seoul to had breakfast is Paris Baguette. Definitely the best in town! 
i loveee their breads and hot chocolate esp in the cold days.

Then, we met our photographer's team to had meeting about the shots and went to Seoul N Tower together. We need a cable car to go up to N Seoul Tower park.

The cable car that took us to N Seoul Tower

Look at those pretty Sakuras
N Seoul Tower
When we arrived at the park, there were some performances there although we didn't know what were they doing haha. But they're great!

how I remember this background in the Running Man episodes

the infamous heart-shaped bench

Our Love Locks

And then we continued to go to Myeongdong to spent the night there. Wow! that was a word that out of my mouth right after I saw this amazing alleyways!

The super yummy food street!

details of my outfit:

Sweater by romwe | Tutu Skirt by H&M | Watch by Casio | Bag by Zara | Shoes by New Balance

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