Erlinda Wijaya Hutama Woe
call me "linda"
 fashion, photography
(Indonesian, 19)
Here is my 1st blog. And I hope my blog can inspire you guys yet I want to share my precious moments here. I will post so many things like foodies, fashion, and some places that I like.
All of my photos are taken by iPhone 4s unless I tell you what camera that I use. Maybe my blog is not really interesting like the others, but I'm trying my best to share my happiness this way :) 
Hope my blog will help you for what you're looking for :D
(cristics and advices are accepted)



  1. Your only 19?! OMO! You look so mature for your age! I look forward to your posts, now that I follow you. ;]

    1. ahhaha. yeah, I've to become more mature since I've 7 year age difference with my boyfriend. hahaha. but thanks for your support, babe! you're so sweet :D

    2. <3always. I like to do onto others as I would want them to do onto me, sometimes I make mistakes and say things I don't mean. But then I just work harder to make things right, and be the person I want to be. Trying to remove complete negativity from my life.


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