Monday, December 30

Last Shot in 2013

GEEK t-shirt - Bugis Street, Singapore

Hi fellas!
This is my last shot in 2013, I know I haven't did the best yet during 2013. But i'll try my best in 2014.
Maybe you already know my previous post featuring this mustard midi skirt but this time, I styled this midi skirt with my casual geek t-shirt that I bought from my last trip to Singapore. 
I found this Geek t-shirt in Bugis Street and it's pretty cheap (forget the exact price).

Midi skirt always well-known with the formal wear but I want to wear it as a casual look too.
So, I wear this midi skirt and paired it with my t-shirt. you can pair it with shirt too if you don't really like t-shirt. But, whatever it is, as long as you comfy with it, you GO!

Anyway, it's December but there's no snow here. And due to Indonesia's weather, it's ok to wear this kind of clothes in December. But I really wish to see snows some day :)

Necklace from my Instagram friend : @dhitahuang

I love this statement necklace. Actually, I got it with its earrings, but till now I don't get a right occasion to wear it but I'll definitely wear it some day. This necklace was gifted by my Instagram friend named Dhita. She's currently living in Batam. Thank you to her, for gave me this pretty necklace. 

Purse by H&M

Finally, wear this casual look with the crossbody bag. I got mine from H&M in Singapore.
wear a flat shoes if you want. but adds some of sexiness by wear high heels if you want it.

And this is my last shot in 2013. 
Hope you guys all the best and wishing you a greater, happier and better life in 2014.
Thankyou to those who stood up for me in my lows and celebrated for me in my highs.
and thanks to Instagram, for giving me sucha great family that I haven't met yet.
I lovee youu so much!


Monday, December 23

Something Stripes-Mustard

Hello :)
how are you guys? today, I want to share with you my outfit. hope it'll give you an idea :B

Purse by H&M - Leather Bracelet by Charles & Keith
Have you ever thinking about midi skirt?
Why not you try to wear it in Mustard since it's a rare color. I bet you guys won't meet the same skirt color wore by others when you're walking on the streets, shopping or else.

So, I decided to wear this midi mustard skirt with my tanktop and outer that I got from Forever 21 when I was in Singapore last August. Simple but Classy.

Striped Outer and Pointed Heels - Forever 21 
Then, I add some accessories like the statement necklace and that pop of gold leather bracelet.
Keep it simple but good-looking!

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Hi guys.
oh it's been so long since I write here. sorry for the lacking post of the ootds.
still on the period of finals!
and time really flies so fast. it's almost Christmas. I don't celebrate it, actually.
but I agree with the "It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year" words!


What I love about Christmas are the Christmas tree, songs, snows, winter, the fashion of the season, the Christmas decoration that I really love to see in the shops and last but not least is The Santa! hohoho. 
I believe in Santa actually *psstt

"I'm waiting for the Santa to come, bring my present and put it under the Christmas tree"

Honestly, I'm jelly with my friends who out there. They can feel the winter season, feel the snow with their own hands and put on layering clothes. I'm wearing summer clothes all year around. it's boring! lols..

Let's give Christmas card to our family and friends! it's a cute thing to share :)

I've nothing to do here. there's no winter break. i've to study to pass my finals. boo!
Anyway, what're guys doing or going for the holidays? 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 

all pictures credit to Pinterest
pinterest : lindawoe

Thursday, September 26

♥ LIFE ♥

hello my beautiful and handsome readers (friends). first, I want to greet you all. how's life?
if you ask mine, I'd say "fluctuation".
people come and go in my life, some people slap me behind my back, some people cheers up my life and the others they just don't care. Second, I just want to say thankyou to all of you who still love me and thankyou to you who still hate me cause because of you, I get stronger each day. I'm just a girl who just reached my 20. i'm still in the middle of being mature and act like a little kid.

Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)
Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)

Sometimes, I just want to angry and being sensitive all day but the other day, I just want to be quiet, sleep and put my body stuck in my bed. All of those things that happens in my life, I just want to be happy. no matter what and how big my problem is, I just want to face it with my big and wide smile.
But back to the "I'm just an ordinary person".
I've my own limits. I can't say "I'm okay" whenever problem comes. I shed my tears (a lot), I screamed like a crazy girl. What can I do? Just praying and praying that tomorrow will be a better day than today.
I may give you my smile, but you never know that I'm crying inside. and i'm sure everyone will do the same with me. we're all living for happiness, no one wants sadness. even we do know, that life will always give us sadness cause God loves us, He wants us to be more stronger each day. and I believe that "happiness and sadness always come together at the same time"

I kept on asking "Why God gives me such life?" or "Why I can't be happy all the times?"  
but now, I never ask that questions anymore cause I know, after raining there'll be a beautiful rainbow.
so does my life. all of those sad moments, I always feel happy right after that. And magically, I know on how to make my life happy everyday. Just do the things that make you happy, think positively and don't care about the others. just LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)
I just realized that God actually loves me. for examples, He gives me such a really, I mean seriously nice guy. I keep on being thankful to God and believe Him. I lost my phone, my necklace that my mom bought for my 17th birthday and I lost my belt when I was on my vacation. Guess what? Fortunately, those all things are come back to me by that "nice guy". See? I told you that life isn't that pathetic.

talking about life, I would love to say I'm sorry to anyone who ever got hurt by me. and thank you to everyone who always support and cheer me up. Here are some cakes for you :)

Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)SOME CAKES FOR YOU WITH LOVE

Wednesday, August 28


Finally, got time to update my blog. And here is my day 4 in Singapore. we went to Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by The Bay, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, The Esplanade, The Merlion Park, Clarke Quay. And my journey to Singapore ended here.

1. Gardens by The Bay
The first word I said when I arrived there was "WOWWW"
Although I've seen so many pictures of the Super Trees, I just can say WOW!
totally different from the picts. They're soo tall and HUGE! But I guess the night time will be very beautiful with the lights from Marina and The Gardens.

The Dragonfly Lake

The Singapore Flyer can be seen from here!
And of course my MUST.TAKE.OUTFIT.PICT.
Dress and Bag by Bugis Street | Shoes by Little Things She Needs | Watch by Casio
Look at the tiny me!

OCBC Skyway

2. Marina Bay Sands 
Unfotunately, it was raining. So, we decided to go into Marina Bay Sands Hotel that can be related to The Shoppes at MBS. The hotel is so well-designed. Singapore really has great buildings with the greatest design I have ever seen. Marina, one day I'll be here!

3. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Love the unique of this mall's design. You can see a lil' river there with a canal. it could be romantic if it's not inside the mall I think.

and so, we decided to taking a rest at TWG Tea. They've the best teas ever with so many tastes.
you can ask them for a help if you confused of what you should have.

The Morrocan Mint Tea

4. The Esplanade
This is inside the theater. and honestly, we got lost! 
we wanted to go to Merlion Park and ended up here. and when we realized that we were inside the esplanade building, so we're looking out for a way out. And among our lost way, we found our things that we wanted to buy. so fun to explore the street of Singapore ourselves. 

4 Pictures below, are the handicrafts that hanging on the wall of Esplanade Theater. They were made by the Kiddos from different elementary schools.

5. The Singapore River near Merlion Park
Along the Singapore River, the spot below on the picture is so romantic. so, Juwandi and I decided to took some photos there.

The Famous Fullerton Hotel

6. Here we are: THE MERLION PARK
with our LONGGGGG way to got here, finally we MET the Sir Merlion! and due to the Hari Raya celebration, so there were so many peoples there. I had to fight with the others to get a right spot to take photos. that day was the best day out of 5 days we were in Singapore!
The Tiny Merlion

and from the Merlion Park, we can see anything! the famous building Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum, the Singapore Flyer.

The Famous Ice Cream S$1 
7. Clarke Quay

Donation for Children's Cancer Foundation

and this post end up my story about the journey to Singapore.
Finally I'll say, Singapore, sure we'll meet again soon someday. 
I'm truly so impressed for their clean environment, no pollution and all the well-designed architecture buildings there. And for the Elders that still can work even if they should be in retirement already, I'm truly respect them. Remember about the Uncle that became a Security in our apartment, I miss you already Uncle. 

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