Thursday, September 26

♥ LIFE ♥

hello my beautiful and handsome readers (friends). first, I want to greet you all. how's life?
if you ask mine, I'd say "fluctuation".
people come and go in my life, some people slap me behind my back, some people cheers up my life and the others they just don't care. Second, I just want to say thankyou to all of you who still love me and thankyou to you who still hate me cause because of you, I get stronger each day. I'm just a girl who just reached my 20. i'm still in the middle of being mature and act like a little kid.

Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)
Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)

Sometimes, I just want to angry and being sensitive all day but the other day, I just want to be quiet, sleep and put my body stuck in my bed. All of those things that happens in my life, I just want to be happy. no matter what and how big my problem is, I just want to face it with my big and wide smile.
But back to the "I'm just an ordinary person".
I've my own limits. I can't say "I'm okay" whenever problem comes. I shed my tears (a lot), I screamed like a crazy girl. What can I do? Just praying and praying that tomorrow will be a better day than today.
I may give you my smile, but you never know that I'm crying inside. and i'm sure everyone will do the same with me. we're all living for happiness, no one wants sadness. even we do know, that life will always give us sadness cause God loves us, He wants us to be more stronger each day. and I believe that "happiness and sadness always come together at the same time"

I kept on asking "Why God gives me such life?" or "Why I can't be happy all the times?"  
but now, I never ask that questions anymore cause I know, after raining there'll be a beautiful rainbow.
so does my life. all of those sad moments, I always feel happy right after that. And magically, I know on how to make my life happy everyday. Just do the things that make you happy, think positively and don't care about the others. just LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)
I just realized that God actually loves me. for examples, He gives me such a really, I mean seriously nice guy. I keep on being thankful to God and believe Him. I lost my phone, my necklace that my mom bought for my 17th birthday and I lost my belt when I was on my vacation. Guess what? Fortunately, those all things are come back to me by that "nice guy". See? I told you that life isn't that pathetic.

talking about life, I would love to say I'm sorry to anyone who ever got hurt by me. and thank you to everyone who always support and cheer me up. Here are some cakes for you :)

Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)SOME CAKES FOR YOU WITH LOVE


  1. Hey b, finally found your blog!!!! About to subscribe now after this comment =)

    I really enjoy your blog, but it's such a shame I didn't find it earlier! Got a lot of catch up reading to do =)
    Can't wait to see more posts and pretty photos from your blog!

    Please come and visit my blog if you have time! I'd love to get to know my fellow bloggers!

    JYUKIMI xxx

    1. aww babee. just read your comment. sorry if it takes so long to reply this. i'll definitely check your blog! love youu, sweety!


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