Monday, May 13

Afternoon Chic

Red Blazer by Local

First, I'm gonna say, HappyMother'sDay to all Great Moms out there!
Anyway, I did this shots on mother's day. I found new place for my photoshoot. And indeed, i'm in love with this nature place. Many of my friends love this bloody red blazer. So, this time I'm featuring this chic blazer on my shots. I bought it from Local shop here when last CNY. And actually, I was wearing this shorts on my previous post, but this one is better pics to show. I always want something new, something that can bursting up my mood. And this place is the answer! 
This photoshoot was the best ever! You know, when I did my shots on the previous places, I always had fought with ants, mosquitos, etc. But this place is free from any other insects. And yes, lucky me. Yesterday we got the best lighting for do this shots. In fact, half an hour before this shots, the sky was so dark.

 Necklace by Local

I did my make up too yesterday, but probably it doesn't show up on camera. I chose soft make up cause I didn't expect yesterday's weather. I thought that I'll do some photoshoot in the hot day. Who knows, it'd became dark. I should've wearing my red cherry color instead of nude. Juwandi has told me that my make up was too ordinary, but yeah my fault, I didn't bring my lipstick.

Balenciaga (Replica)
Ohh. I'm so sorry for puchased this Balenciaga's duplicate. You know, since I'm living in a small town. There's no Balenciaga shop here and being honest, I purchased this a year ago when I was in the other town and I found this Balenciaga that was really cheap and really really similar with the real ones. Besides, this one has a great leather too. I'm sure that you'd understand my difficulty.

How I really love these shots! these two are the best! My face isn't weird here, and the lighting, blurring are all perfect. What do you think? I think Juwandi has improved his skill better a lot!

Oxford Pink Pastel Shoes by 8WOOD | Check it out here
This oxford shoes is the best shoes that I've ever worn. Surely, this one is my favorite shoes recently! Fortunately, its color and its design matches everything!

Photos by Juwandi
Thanks for reading and visiting my blog, fellas :) 
I wish you all had a Lovely Mother's Day.

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