Thursday, April 25

Pink Kind-of-The-Day

Vintage Lace Pink Top by Local Shop | Shorts Pink Pastel by MANGO
Hello, guys! First, I'm really really apologize for the bad background and lighting for my photos. Took these photos in my bedroom instantly cause I don't have a time to having a photoshoot these days. Busy with my mid-test, exams, and college! Anyway, this time I was wearing pinkish. SO, I paired my lace top with my shorts that I purchased from Mango 2 years ago. My mom washed it, and I don't know why there're yellow stain on my shorts all of sudden. I never wear it since that, but then I think of it again. Why I don't wear it while the shorts is really comfy to wear and I love the color even with those yellow stain.

Oxford Pink Pastel Shoes by 8WOOD 
You know, this Oxford shoes is really my favorite footwear currently. I love the color, actually it matches everything. You can wear them with shorts (like me), maxi dress or maxi skirt, ballerina skirt or korean-like trousers. Besides, it's very comfy to wear. No pain on my feet anymore. And this Oxford shoes is in the "cheap" category. So, I decided to buy it. And I have no REGRET!

Photos by Monica
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