Thursday, April 4

Beauty in RED

When I saw this necklace, I just wanted to purchase it! and with no doubt, I finally purchased this beautiful colorful studs necklace. It is from Gaudi and it only cost IDR 91.000 cause I've a member card, so I got my discount, so happy! 

Red Plain Shirt by Local Shop | Vintage Brown Shorts by The Body & Soul
Envelope Clutch by Local Shop
I've had this beautiful cluth for so long, but I just wear them when I'm going to party. Actually, this clutch is so useful, you can put your wallet, your polaroid camera, everything that you want there. I love its colour too. Neutral with everything.

I paired this plain shirt with this shorts, and when I looked at myself at the mirror, I thought this style is too casual. And then, I put my new necklace that I love most now and my belt that has a gold color. For me, you can put some accessories but don't too much. And then, I paired my outfits with my flowery flats that has red color. If you want to wear sneakers, it looks good too. But no high heels! Cause all you want is beauty but simple yet comfy. I put on my RED lipstick too that I purchased from REVLON.  

Flowery Flats by GOSH

Colorful Studs Necklace by GAUDI

Lip Butter by REVLON in CandyApple
I don't really good being a model and express my face in front of camera, but I tried and here are the best photos that I could share to you guys.

Shiny Gold Belt by Gaudi

Photos by Juwandi
And for some advices, I suggest you guys, if you want to wear bright colors on a day, don't put too much patterns. But if you want to wear bright tops, shorts or even your footwears, it'll be very great! But don't ever put patterns or stripes on it. Wear your plain accessories like gold plain bracelet or plain gold necklace. Wear your bright colors and ROCK IT ON, baby!

When I did my photoshoots, my friends were accompanying us! they're sooo lovely and they're a couple too. Thanks to them so much. 

My Officially Photographer

Thanks to you all guys who have been supporting me!
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Have a Good Day

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