Tuesday, March 26


Hello, guys :)
Lately, I've been doing some photoshoots with Juwandi as the Photographer (amateur!)
and because it's Spring (not in my country actually), so I did some photoshoots about spring. It's so hard to find perfect outfit for spring cause spring is well-known with flowers. But I don't have something like that, luckily, I found this flowery yet vintage collar-shirt. And when I put on my outfit together, I just realized that all my outfit was containing brown colour. I love my outfit personally. 
Just give some advice, if you guys have shirt or t-shirt with collar on it, better tie your hair up. And for me, it even look more gorgeous if you let your hair mess a lil' bit. Would be look so natural.

Flowery Collar-Shirt by OnlineShop
If you wear outfit with patterns, stripes, flowers or something like that, you better don't wear too much accessories. And here, because I was wearing "flowers" on my tops, so I didn't put accessories too much. Just wearing my vintage watch that I love, and it would be so perfect. If you guys have a plain bracelet, you can wear it with your watch on too. Just be simple cause you already have "flowers" on your body.

Lipbutter by REVLON - Candy Apple colour
Clutch by J.REP | Gold Bracelet was bought by my Aunty on my 17th bday

Lace Metal flats by Local Shop
Actually, I confused with what should I wear between flats or heels. But my mom told me to wear my lace flats that has a metal thingy on its point. And when I wore them, my outfits were totally perfect for spring! (my mom has good senses about fashion obviously!) but if you guys want to put them with heels, it's also ok.

Tutu Ballerina Skirt by Local Shop

Watch by Rolex

Cut-Out Shoulder
Photos by Juwandi
What I like from my whole outfit actually is this cut out shoulder. It's unique and this shirt has a retro or vintage style too. I can wear them when spring, summer or maybe fall! 3 in 1, you know. So useful!

You can wearing something cheap but it's so useful than the expensive ones but it's useless :) 

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