Tuesday, March 19

Le Grandeur Patisserie

Choco Mint
Orange Fruity Squash

Fish and Chips
Busy Man all the time!

Yesterday Juwandi and I tried a New Patisserie in Mall. Actually, it has opened for almost a month already but yap, we were a lil' bit late. So, yesterday afternoon, we went there to taste its patisserie. Beside, I hadn't eaten too and I thought this place is just for chillin' out and they serve only breads. But lucky me, we came to a right place where they're not just selling breads, but western foods too. So, I decided to try their fish and chips (pretty delicious) and the drinks are good too. This place is presented by Le Grandeur Hotel which is known for its delicious and yummy patisseries. So, Juwandi and I spent our beautiful afternoon with some mouthwatering food and drinks. I love this place's design. Feeling so comfortable and its price is affordable too. It's not a regret to be here!

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