Thursday, March 7


Hello guys!
Recently, I'm playing with Pinterest. Pinterest for me, is like a Tumblr, cause in tumblr, what we always do is Reblog. So does Pinterest. But in Pinterest, it called Repin.
You can find anything there, about wedding, travel, fashion, design, crafts, diy things and many more. Honestly, I'm kind of a girl who is always want to know about social networks (facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, pinterest, path, line, kik, tumblr, trendabl) I'm joining all of those social networks. Juwandi said that I'm too exist in social networks! But this is me! Actually, what I want is not to be exist, but I'm curious about those social networks (what is it, how to use it and its function). And now, I'm so addicted with Pinterest, Instagram and Blog.
And I think you guys know that I'm so in love with all things that related to fashion. Here is some of my Wishlist, fashion that I'd love to wear, and my favorite styles.

Black never dies!
Shorts on Stockings
So Simple, Chic and Comfy
Bustier and Maxi Skirt are adorable!
Fur on Leather
Lovely RED!
This is so ME!
Love the Prints
Looking for this Jeans and Heels
Love the Patterns
Semi Formal 
Simple and Comfy
Denim on Denim
Love the Bag and Sweater
Neutral Colors
Lovely Fringe and Lace
Source : Pinterest (lindawoe)
You can reach me on Instagram and Pinterest : lindawoe :)


  1. Love Love Love all of it! I want them in my closet! Haha:)) I want to steal those looks <3

  2. I love them all too! :D
    and yes! they're all so lovely.
    P.S : sorry Princess, I've been busy with all my assigns this week and I didn't have time to reply your comment. thankyou for being my member :)


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