Monday, February 18

Lazy Sunday

Happy Belated Valentine! 
Yesterday, I was celebrating my Valentine with Juwandi. We celebrate it lately cause on Feb, 14th, we both were in different places. So, he paid me on Sunday! This place is located inside BlueSky Hotel . Honestly, it was my first time here, so I was so excited. "Kaizeki Japanese Restaurant" is truly the most delicious Japanese food in town and the most expensive too! But for me, its food is worth it with the price.

Sushi Corner

 I love how they design this restaurant. You can get the Japanese feeling here. The decoration, the tables, the chairs and of course the food are looking so comfy. They have a teppanyaki tables too where we can see the chef's cooking directly in front of us. So, Juwandi and I chose teppanyaki sets and we sat right in front of the chef! Juwandi thinks that the art of this teppanyaki menu is to see the chef's cooking.

Bon Appetit!
Salad - Sashimi, Vegetables, Squids in Thousand Island Sauce
Appetizer - Vegetables, Onions and Mushrooms  
Salmon Sashimi

Main Course - Chicken
Miso Soup - Japan Tofu and Seaweeds
Yang Chow Fried Rice

Dessert - Fried Banana with Ice Cream on top 
Juwandi and I spent about IDR500.000+ here. Cause he chose a Beef Teppanyaki Set, so his is more expensive than mine (Chicken Teppanyaki Set). I love the Miso Soup and the Sashimi. Delicious! It's a regret if you guys haven't taste it yet. Althought we called it a Valentine's Celebration, but for me yesterday was just a lazy sunday. Juwandi and I spend our sunday together rarely, so if we get a chance to go out on Sunday, we'll be celebrate it! funny, isn't it? hahaha.

Photos by Me

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