Tuesday, August 13


Hello, my dear fellas. as you know, it's an Eid Mubarak week! and in my country, it means long holiday.
so, Juwandi and I decided to have our first vacation and the most interesting part is we have our vacation with other couple! it means, DOUBLE DATE VACATION! sayy YAYYY! i was so happy to death actually. and honestly, we planned things up since a year ago! but it's ok tho, we have much time to save our money. the good news is my desire to go to shopping was paid, since I hold it for almost a year. and the bad news is my money that I saved for almost a year was gone in just 5 days. but my money was worth it to spent, I think.

1. Manna The Deli - Chinatown
so, we started our first day in Singapore with these yummss food.
we have roasted pork and duck. indeed so delicious!

2. Chinatown MRT
we were heading to Orchard Road. yay! you might call it 'Girl's Heaven!'

3. Orchard Road - 313 Somerset & ION Orchard
so, my first stop in Orchard Road was 313 Somerset. and I decided to go to Forever 21. I was there for (maybe) a hour and I just got blazer and a pair of heels. Juwandi was very tired then. my 2nd stop is Zara. I was looking for skort and thank God, I found it! so, it didn't took so long time in Zara. then, I was going to H&M. I got basic tee and guess what! Juwandi found his heaven! He purchased two shirts and oxfords jeans. I love it tho.  

The Mega H&M

The Crowded Orchard Road

4. Topshop - Orchard Road
The boys were very tired besides the girls were very excited! 
so, we decided to take a break from shopping and went to Starbucks. after that, I found my favorite shop! Guess what! TOPSHOP! I always love Topshop collections. but for Topman, I don't really like it. So, Juwandi got nothing there. I purchased Topshop lipstick that I'll tell you guys later about it and I got shirts and high-waisted shorts. Their employees are so nice too.  

Photos by Juwandi, Mongly and I
FYI, then after we took these photos above, we met Juwandi's junior school's friend. He's such a great man named Roy. We ate Bak Kut Teh at ION's foodcourt and he introduced us to Lime Barley. Luckily, I tried it, and voila! i love it. too bad, I can't drink it anymore unless I'm in Singapore again. then, I went to Sephora to purchased the naked pallete basic eyeshadow and lancome artliner. will tell you guys the result.
Overall, i love Orchard Road! since they have so many various malls there. 

P.S :
Singapore - Day 2 is now up on my blog too! kindly check it out.

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