Thursday, July 11

Summer is Calling

Although I don't have summer in my country, I'd really still want to wear summer outfits. Cause for me, summer is so fun. Look at the sun shines brightly, go to the beach, sunbathing. ohh those activities would be great if my country allow us to wear a bikini. besides, in my hometown, the beach here is very dirty. we can't go to the beach for sunbathing even just for a walking. but, we don't have to wear a bikini to welcome the summer. but, we can wear an outfit that is so cheerful and looks fun! Here's my outfit idea of summer.

The top that I was wearing is a gift from my sister when she visited Malaysia. SO comfy to wear, made from cotton. And the flower prints, is so cheerful. Love at the first sight. Really thanks to my sissy. She has such a great fashion taste too! Love how summer is coming even not in my hometown. But I can feel it. Let's be Cheerful and Colorful.

And so, I paired my floral tanktop with my Havaianas sandals that I got from my brother when he was in Singapore! What a great pair, right? what do you think? Cheerful enough?

Alright, what did I find? When I did some shots, there was a lil fella (Golden Retriever). He's just too cuteeee. OMG OMG, I want him! 

Excited for Summer!

And I wanna say thankyou, Juwandi for taking me the wonderful photos although it's not summer here!
Thanks for your support too, my readers :)
Hope you all enjoy your summer!


  1. i really love top print! really perfect for a relaxing walk <3

    1. thankyou Bella :) yes, I agree. and its material is really comfy too.

  2. i really love your outfit!!! and you are really pretty

  3. Linda Darling, Your blog is improving so are your pictures. Seeing it is amazing <3 I love it! Truly! I wish you'd update more often, but I understand I'm not on all the time as well. I just love your expressions in some of the photos above, so priceless and timeless, so perfect! Whoever does your photography is getting really good at it!

    1. really? thanks so much Diana :)
      I try to update more often. maybe will do photoshoot this Sunday :D
      and so, thanks to my boyf. haha. cause he's the one who do the hard work.


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