Tuesday, June 18

Happy Birthday, Granny!

Bro with his muscles (?)
The Sisters


Don't be afraid of the first photo! haha. that's my bro. He really is so proud of his muscles. and too shy to look at the camera. Yes, he is so unique indeed! 
Anyway, here are some shots of my granny's Birthday dinner 2 days ago. And you can see half of my family are invited. Granny has her 73rd Birthday so happily. We bought them a birthday cake and blew the candles up together after had dinner. I can't took many pictures cause I was so busy. Taking care their foods, drinks. Ohh, soo tired. But after all, I'm so happy! And the lil' boy above is my cousin. He's so smart yet cutee.
Here is what I wore to my Granny's Birthday Dinner:

Thanks for reading! Hope you all having a Good Day!
God bless.

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