Wednesday, June 12

Wishlist : Singapore

You know guys, when we'll have our vacation, that'd be a wishlist soon!
and actually, when I decided to go to Singapore in the next 2 months, my wishlist is up! hahah. I've been looking for few websites that I want to go and shop. And actually, here are few of my wishlist. check it out:

1. Skort from Zara
Actually, I know this skort from few ppls that I follow on my Instagram. And I love it cause we can wear skirt and shorts together at the same time. Zara really has great collections indeed. You know, sometimes we feel uncomfortable when we wear mini skirt and Zara gives us a great combination between skirt and shorts. So, no need to feel uncomfortable anymore. Skort is the solution. Besides, its design is so unique. Wish to have it soon.

2. High Waist Pencil Skirt from Zara
my very first wish of this year! wearing high waist pencil skirt can makes us looks taller. cause i'm one of the short girl, I think it's good to wear this. Besides, it looks elegant too. We can wear it in the day or night. And I can imagine it, when we wear this high waist pencil skirt, we'll catch everyone's attention.

3. Leather Sandal from Zara
ugghh.. Zara really offers me great great products! And i've been looking and seeking heeled-sandals these months. when i know Zara has it, Zara'll be my first shopping destination when I reach Singapore. Haha. Anyway for me, wearing high heels actually is so torturing, but when I see this, I'd really love to wear it!! Seeing everyone who's wearing it, it looks comfortable and looking good. You can wear them anywhere and anytime. For the color, I prefer black. It brings out a mystical sense and you can never go wrong with black ever!

4. Ankle Strap Sandal from Zara
my 2nd choice after leather sandal. What I love most is that pop of gold on the ankle parts. And when I see this, I know it'll bring me to great and amazing places.

5. Asymmetric Leather Pointy Shoe by Zara
See? Zara really bring me down! Another great pair of Pointy shoe! And its asymmetrical design really caught my attention and interest! Hahaa. I have to have it soon! Fallin' in love already with it and the nude color makes it perfect!

6. Suit Trousers by Mango
Another great trousers that Mango has. And i love the details on the side of this trousers. Love the color too. 

7. Layered Strapless Scuba Dress by Forever 21
Love this black dress. It comes out with a great design, shape and nice color. And about high-low, I always wanted to have the dress! And Forever 21 offers me great options.

8. Floral High-Low Dress by Forever 21
Florals never dies! Love the florals even though the design is so ordinary. You can wear it with flats, heels or even oxfords shoes. And the most important is you can wear it in the day or night! 

9. Tropical Print Woven Shorts by Forever 21
I've been in love with florals and high waist. And thanks God! F21 brings it to me! Isn't that great?

10. Garden Rose Print Single-Button Blazer by Forever 21
How about this blazer? Catch everyone's attention indeed! Love forever 21, they have great products with affordable prices!

11. Candy Kiss by Banane Taipei
I love this! Since I can't have Celine, this one also looks great, I think.
Love the pastel color (Cotton Candy). Banane Taipei arrives on time when I need shoulder bag!

Afterall, above are "few" of my wishes. hahah. If you really want to know what I want, this post will be so longgggg that can't enough to tell what I want. ahhaha..
And I really can't wait for my vacation! my shopping sense is really up highly!
Well, where are you goin' on this summer?

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