Sunday, June 16

Sunday White Stripes

I'm really really sorry for the really bad quality photos. Because yesterday was soooo hottt (I mean really hotttt), so I couldn't get great pics. The sun was shining really bright. But, we tried hard and here are the results. 

O.P.I Liquid Sands
Details of my Lace Outer

Wearing my Lace outer in a sunny day actually so uncomfortable. Should be more comfy, I know. But for me, it was so uncomfy. So, I paired it with my high waist stripes shorts. And this is what I wore to Juwandi's Birthday lunch. And then I wore my oxfords pastel. I love that lil' pastel on my outfit. How's everyone doing in Father's Day? I'd like to hear your story :)

Anyway, am really sorry for the brightness. Yesterday was sooo bright. And thanks Guys for your understanding. Hope you all having a great day :)

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