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Here are my photos on the second day in Singapore. in case you miss the Day 1 of my vacation to Singapore, just click on the link (Day 1) above.

on the 2nd day, we went to the Universal Studios Singapore. I was so excited!
if you want to go to USS from Chinatown, you've to take the MRT from Chinatown (purple line) to Harbour Front via Outram Park. From Harbour Front, go to the 3rd level of Vivo City Shopping mall and take a monorail. there you go! SENTOSA ISLAND!

1. Vivo City Shopping Mall
When first I arrived at Vivo City, they still not opened yet, so I just went to take a monorail directly.

2. Sentosa Island - Universal Studios Singapore
this photo below is what you'll see once you arrive at the Sentosa Island. 

the cute version of Merlion


and honestly, I love those cute things in front of Candylicious. There are M&M characters, Jelly Belly, Hershey's and Candylicious itself. They're so creative indeed. that's one of the reasons why I love Singapore. too cuteee to eat!

3. Universal Studios Singapore
Here is the famous Globe of USS! you know, Singapore is really hot. because I was wearing tanktop, my skin got burned. wrong outfit, I guess. and when you enter the USS, you'll see there are maps of USS so that you'll not get confused of where to go or play first. When I entered, I was amazed by their hollywood section. "Hollywood; Population : Glamorous" I think it's cute to tell the people that their population is glamorous. and when you enter the uss, you'll see popcorn truck first. near that truck, there are few hats to wear, like king's crown, witch's hat, a beanie with eyeballs, etc. so, I picked that witch's hat and Juwandi picked the king's crown. soo funny!

oh yeaa, they have a walk of fame too. I found Linda Evans'. 
then, I got an idea to cover the "Evans" and showing "Linda"

it's actually Linda Evans. But I covered the Evans. Here is my name, LINDA!

the first character that I met was Frankenstein. and we were the first people who took photos with him.
i never imagine that i'll meet him. 

we are the sexy ladies "Betty Boop"
we are the sexy ladies "Betty Boob"

and so, first game we played was Madagascar. i'll not tell you guys what it looks like, cause you have to try it first. it won't so fun if you guys know it already. but i'll just say "FUNNY" 

in Far Far Away, there are two games. And we chose the mini roller coaster first then the 4D theater. 
they're all so cuteee (the designs, bulidings)

The King and Queen


after we played Madagascar and Far Far Away, we decided to eat at Far Far Away Cafe. and look at the bottle below. it's soo long and big! but Juwandi and I finished it just in 1 hour. Singapore really so hot.

right after we ate at Shrek's Cafe, we went to Jurassic Park. but, we separated from the other couple cause Juwandi and I didn't play Jurassic Park. 



and look at the girls below. they have amazing voices with great dance moves. i was truly impressed by them.

LOOK! We met Marylin Monroe! she's soooo bright. and so nice too. 

and we met Winnie and Woody Woodpecker too! they both are so cute and from what I know, Woody is the icon of USS.

Photos by Juwandi and I
Overall, I love USS (who doesn't love it?!)
but truly, I regret that I didn't play few games there. and honestly, I was looking for more characters there. after that, we went to the Vivo City, had dinner and shopping. but you know, the boys were going to a massage place. they're so funny indeed. I found my daddy his favorite brand : Crocodile. so I bought him one polo shirt. and He likes it!

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