Thursday, August 15


and so, this is my 3rd day on Singapore.
we went to Bugis Street and Haji Lane. Bugis Street has so many shops that sell so many fashion.
but in my mind, Bugis Street sells outfits that usually we find in the online shop. and of course, they sell it more cheaper than the online. I got a dress, few tops and bags just with S$50. And don't forget, we can bargain too here. 

Then, I went to Haji Lane. Haji Lane is a one way street like a little street that sells so many vintage things.
love vintage? Haji Lane is the answer. You can find leather bags like the old ones, unique stuffs. 
but i didn't buy anything there. the shops each has its unique design too. and at the end of the street, you can fnd a cafe that has graffity wall. and wow! i was like, amazed by the graffity. so creative, and so many people take photos there. 

Ring for KISS - Ring for BEER - Ring for S*X. and look at the unique clock! it's melting!

-do you guys know what these words mean? it means that style is the best part of fashion. we better comfort with what we wear than just thinking about the trends but we actually don't comfort with it-

so many branded glasses here. want to have a visit?

alright! I TOTALLY agree with this! who's with me?

I indeed just post about the places. I'm afraid you guys will get bored with my face. 
Actually, I don't really love Bugis Street cause yeah, it's so stuffy and hot there. and for your information, if you plan to visit Bugis Street, make sure to wear your comfy outfit there. 

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