Tuesday, April 9

Joyeux Anniversaire, Mon Beau

Happy 3rd Anniversary to our relationship!
It's been 3 years since our 1st meeting and I'm so happy. I've spent my beautiful 3 years with the one that I love so much. Maybe for some people or couples, 3 years are nothing cause probably they have a longer relationship than mine. But you know what, for me, spent my 3 years with the one that you love is soo valuable more than anything else in this world. He loves me, I love him. He knows me very well than anyone else and honestly, this is my 1st time for being in a relationship for this long times. So, I'd really like to share my happiness with all of you guys.

Salmon Hot Stone

On our 3 years yesterday, Juwandi brought me a beautiful flowers when I came back from college. He's just super sweet and romantic (sometimes) haha. 
Then, he invited me to have a romantic dinner. It's (actually) a new restaurant in town. And this restaurant is located inside a Hotel Building where usually President, Prime Ministers or Government's ppl sleep here. I was super excited yet nervous. When we reached there, we picked a table with a really beautiful view. We can see the town with its beautiful lighting from many buildings, homes. And I think this restaurant has the best view ever! Fortunately, we got table with number 8 which is our anniversary date (in fact we didn't know that table's number) and I just love this place so much. 

Leopard Low Back Dress from Local Shop | Gems High Heels by Local Shop

View from our table

The Restaurant (SKY BAR): 

Photos by Juwandi
And what I love the most is we can still have our relationship until now and I hope it'll be everlasting.
I want to spend my whole life with him until I have my white hair one day. 
Anyway, I share my happiness on Instagram too. 
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