Saturday, October 27

De Cafe Resto & Cafe by BlueSky Group

Last night, I had a double date with my Friends.
Had some fun, going out for dinner and chilling.
So, we were going for had dinner at 7 p.m. And we chose this Cozy and Comfy Place. This place is a Cafe & Resto, 2 in 1 place :D
And for some suggestions, I think you guys have to try this place. Going out with friends, Dating with Your Love One or Have some quality time with your family. This is the Right Place to go :D

The Design is all about French Resto. Love the Vintage Atmosphere here.
Look at the Kitchen Bar. So vintage, and the Waiters are so friendly there. Anyway, I love their Costume's Colour :)

Look at the Roses above your head. Love the Classic Clock, and so Down to Earth.
Imagine you eat there and you can see the roses above your head. feel like we're in French or somwhere classy.

Here is the View of where I was sitting last night. So, the Resto is divided into two categories.
The one that I sat here, is a No Smoking room and the one that There is a Kitchen Bar is a Smoking room.
Actually this place is not really cold. I don't know, maybe they have trouble with their Air Conditioner.
And what I love is we separated by this fringe. 

And this is what I've got above my head. Roses are eveywhere :D
look at the Wall, they designed the wallpaper well.
They provide a Swing Chair too for you who bring your kids. But if adult want to sit there, it's Okay tho.

Kangkung Balacan - Ayam Goreng De Cafe - Udang Tepung Mayonaise
And about the foods, no doubt, really delicious and yummy!
they provide all varian foods from Indonesian food - Western food - Japanese Food - Chinese Food.
and what I was eating last night is Kangkung Balacan & Ayam Goreng De Cafe - it's Indonesian, Udang Mayonaise - Chinese food.
They have a unique plate shape too. You know what? The glass of tea is like a flowers vase :D

Crab Corn Soup
This one is not really recommended. Cause it has no taste but too much pepper. Not really delicious, besides, too much pepper isn't really good for your throat :)

We are in White, it was a Coincidence anyway ;D
You can see this place at
They have the Best food in town, for sure!

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