Wednesday, October 31

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Put my Bedroom as the Background for my Photoshoot. Like what I've said before, in here, we don't really celebrate Halloween, and honestly this is my first photoshoot for Halloween. I don't have any idea tho about my costume. So, I just took what I saw on my Closet and mixed it up. And here is what I've got last night.
I think that Halloween also well-known as a scary day, ghosts, darkness, black.. And that's why i just combined all of my Dark Outfits to wore, and Black Make Up.
And about the Coat, actually it's a Dress and I turned it into a Coat. and about my Costume, I would like to named it as A Sexy Witch! hahaha  

Make Up by Cindy

Love my Cheek's Shades :D


Watch Out! it's Halloween!

Studs Spikes Coat - 2 tones Tanktop - Peplum Basic Black Skirt - Charles & Keith  Heels

Details of my Coat

Photo by Cindy
This is Behind The Scene of my Photoshoot yesterday for Halloween :D

My Make Up Artist : Cindy
She is my Sister, she is learning make up and last night, I asked her help to make me up for my Halloween Photoshoot! :D

My Messy Desk

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