Friday, October 26

Mustard on Pink

Here is my Outfit for today.
So, my Boyf's Dad invited me to going out with them for brunch. And I was so excited! :D so I tried my best to looking good on my outfit.
We went to Blue Sky Hotel for Dimsum and Steamboat. The foods are so yummy and delish! You guys have to try it ;) and because today is a holiday, me and my boyf will be going out again to have a dinner with some friends :D
Okay! Anyway, here is the details of my outfit: Lace Nude Tanktop, Mustard Chiffon Outer by Chloe, Balloon Shorts, and my Leather Pink Belt on it!

I asked my Sis to take this photo. And because she doesn't really like to take a picture, here is the result.
Not really good, I think. haahah.
Background: My bedroom.

I edited my Picture on my iPhone used Diptic :D
Actually, My Older Sister said that it's not looking good if I wear Pink Belt on my Outfit.
But, really! Everyone has their own style, so I still wore that belt. And for me, it's really Good when Mustard met Pink in the Midst ;;)

Enjoy your Friday! ;;)

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