Saturday, October 20

Vintage Browny Saturday

Photo By Monica
Hellaw, everyone :)
How was your week?
so, before going to work, I took some photos. actually, it is located in my Home, I've never been took photo with that background and in fact, that background (the main door of my house) is pretty impressive.
I've always took photos from my bedroom with my wood wall. so classy.
but with this one, feeling so vintage. just like old door house in a Chinatown somewhere.
So coincidence that I love Vintage things too.
But I never realized that there is a side, where my main door of my house is really nice :D
Sorry for the bad angle, cause the photo above was taken by my Sister (she is not a proffesional) hahaha.

Here is the details of my Outfit today (actually, I've worn that chiffon outer and that trousers several times):
Floral Print Chiffon Outer - Chiffon Basic Tanktop - Old Vintage Brown Trousers (so comfy) - Woody High Heels by Everbest - Blue Pencil Necklace - Jade Bracelet - Leather Browny Belt by Charles & Keith.

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