Friday, October 26

Purple Friday

Here is my Outfit for yesterday and I would like to say, TGIF! :D

Shirt from Local Brand - Premium Denim Wear by Zara - Browny High heels by Everbest - Givenchy Bag

Actually, I've had this shirt for long time, but I just forgot that I have this shirt. And just remember it yesterday. So, I wore it with my trousers from Zara and add my Classic Vintage Necklace :D

This is my friend, her name is Mongly :D Her name really show that she is Chinese ahaahah.
She has simple outfit yet comfy for herself. She is a simple girl too, loves Hello Kitty (look at her shoulder bag, Her watch and her Bow sandals). She is a humble girl too, never look down on someone. 
And she is always laughing out loud if we met. I don't know, maybe I have a funny face :p
Because she has ever said that I'm a funny girl x_x. And last night she was laughing out loud *again, cause I broke my diet just because of Ice cream and it all because of her tho! ahahaha. 

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