Friday, October 26

Black and White on Lace

I was trying to mix up my Stripes Cardigan and My Lace Top. And it turns out pretty good and chic for me :D just for fun, I played on my Clothes.
I was curly-ing my hair top, but because I have a black hair, if I want to make any models of my hair, it won't really good enough. You may not see the model of my hair except my straight hair. If I curl my hair, you guys will be on difficult to see my curly hair from the photos.
Actually, I wanna put Red Brown Colour on my Black Hair -_- seriously, got tired of this Black Hair..
How do you guys think? ;)

My Messy Bedroom
Actually, it's a shorts. Not a skirt.
Many people think that what I wore was a skirt. Just like my boyf as an example.
But, just want to tell you guys, it's a Balloon short.
I bought it several years ago, and it looks pretty good untill now.

Stripes Cardigan by Local Brand - Lace Nude Tanktop by Local Brand - Balloon Short by Local Brand

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