Sunday, October 28

Blitz Theater

So, this is my make up and place that I went to with My Boyf and some friends. hahaha. Starting our weekend by came up to the new theater in town. And it was so crowded there. 
Yeap, to went there, we had to spent a half hour in a crowded road.
eyeshadow and Blush On by MAC - Eyeliner by Revlon - Lipstick by Oriflame
Blitz Theater
So, here we were! Blitz Theater is an Elite and Classy Theater in Indonesia. Because it just came up to my hometown, people here are all wanted to know and feel this Theater. 

Look at the design. Kinda weird yet unique for me, cause we have to buy the ticket first in front of the theater and when we want to come in to the inside, we have to give and show our tickets first too. As we know (here), we usually buy ticket and food inside the theater. And we'll show our ticket when it's time to watch the film. And about the colour of this theater, really love it! You'll see Red Colour everywhere here :D

Juwandi not really like this new theater. Cause he thinks that this new theater isn't really comfort, especially the seats. About the food, we don't really know. Cause we didn't have time to buy some food there. We were in hurry, cause yeah, you know. We spent a half hour in a crowded road -_-

Juwandi & I

Me and my friend again :D 

Whole Outfit : Cambridge Satchel Neon Yellow Bag - Jade Bracelet - Pattern Black & White Dress - Everbest High Heels

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