Monday, October 29

Happy Earlier Halloween!

Cambridge Satchel Bag - Peplum Blouse - Pencil Necklace - Zara Jegging - Everbest Heels
Happy Halloween everyone :D
Actually, in here, we don't really celebrate Halloween, althought I want to feel that real feeling about Halloween, when the kids come to your house in the night, knock your door then when you open up that door, there'll be children's voice "Trick ot Treat". Could be so funny.. hahaha.
But, cause I want to celebrate my own Halloween style, I hunted some properties for my custome.
Lil' bit confused about what costume and what make up should I use.

Actually, still confused about what costume should I use on Halloween, but when I saw this beautiful hat, just want to wear this on Halloween. What do you guys think?
My friend told me to wear Pirate Costume, lil bit sexy (she said!) ahaaha. But it's kinda difficult to find that costume. Maybe I'll be wearing Witch Costume. Search for the coat or just make the witch hat :D
and put some scary make up with my chinese eyes hahahaa. Well, let's see!

In love with this Simple Sneakers :D so comfotable to wear, but poor me, my mumma didn't allow me to buy this pair of shoes. So, I just took this photo, cause I know, I won't have it. Besides, I have a target that I want to buy Zara heels or flats, so just let this baby go :(

Cambridge Satchel Bag with My ex-Baby 

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