Monday, November 26

Cloudy Sunday Afternoon


Yesterday, Juwandi and I were invited by his friends to go for jogging. 
So, we took place like housing complex near his friend's house for jogged. And when we got tired, we took some break and took some photos. Actually, yesterday was the very first time Juwandi and I did exercise like jogging, cause we didn't even have time for do some exercises before.

same pose with the Gold

Shirt from Local Brand - Shorts by Mango - Socks by Converse - Sneakers by Polo - Sunnies by Rayban

Mongly and I

Love the View in this housing complex. But, unfortunately this garden is not in care by the management here. 

Hope Juwandi and I can do this more often. Honestly, our bodies need some exercises to do.

all photos by Juwandi

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