Monday, November 5


Made some photoshoot yesterday. It all began when my Sis on my Dance Group called me to have some photoshoot. I'll be wearing bridesmaid gown, and do make up. And I thought it's a chance for me to have some real photoshoot, besides I love to be a Model hahah. at 8 a.m in the Sunday Morning, my Sis just picked me up at my home, and she has been not tell me about the appoinment's time, so I didn't know that she would pick me at 8 a.m. When she reached my house, I was still sleeping! she called me that she is on the way my home, and I felt like get a surprise in the morning! Honestly, I didn't took a shower before going out for do my make up!
And when I reached my Sis' house, I took a shower in her house. What a Busy Morning yesterday.
Finished my make up, waiting for the Photographer to come. and at 4 p.m, we went to the forest for our background :D Pretty Calm there, love the Nature. So down to earth.


So hard for me to wore this beautiful dress in the forest, wore high heels to walked there. Besides its soil is a lil' bit mushy. too much mosquitos and the strange insects. 
Thank God that the Result of the photoshoot is quite pretty yet beautiful :D
Will be uploading the rest of my photos soon!

PT Inhutani Forest

Was wearing my Sandals :D

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