Monday, January 28

Life - Live. Love. Laugh

Hello :)

On my posts before, I just share my happiness and my Life to you guys through my photos. And I'm so     thank you guys for spare your time for visiting my Blog. But today, I want to share my opinions about "Life".
So, what are you guys thinking when someone says "Life"?

Life, you can describe it in many different ways and meanings. And for me:
1. Life is about Take and Give,
2. Life is changing, not everything, everyone stay in the same position,
3. And for me, to face this Life you just have to smile, to respect each other and never look down on     someone.

Actually, what is your goal in this Life? For me, my Goal is to make everyone happy. At the end of this Life, I want to see everyone is in peace situation. No war, no fight. Honestly, I don't really like fight or something like betrayal, sadness. Peoples are so strange these days. They don't know everything but they do something like they know everything, they don't want to hear about the other's opinions and some peoples think that they are always right. They never do something wrong. In fact, every ppl do wrong(s). And for some ppl who did wrongs so many times, we should not judge them like that. We can give them a chance to change their life better.
But sometimes, life is even more funnier. You know, actually some ppl do right things but once the others don't understand, they judge them like they are mean, they are not appropriate to be friends and in the end, they feel regret. Too late to realize that sometimes, ppl that we thought they are mean, in fact they are so nice, wise. oh C'mon!
You know, there is a quote "Life is hard", I don't say it doesn't right. But, for me you have to live this Life happily no matter what. Life is truly hard, but you have to think that Life is easy. I admit it, that sometimes you just feel "ohh, I better die or I don't want to live this life anymore" and sometimes I can feel that feeling too. But, from now on, I just want to live this life happily, maybe there's no 2nd chance. Positive thinking will help you face this hard life. I don't want to care about what others think about me, about my personality or my appearance cause this is me. As long as I do nothing wrong, I have no fear cause I believe that God will help me.
Honestly, when I grew up, I never met enemy. I could make friends anywhere with anyone. And I thought that everyppl in this world isn't like I watch on dramas. In dramas, there are many mean ppl, betrayal things, and etc. But, when I reached my maturity, I realized so many things. I started to meet many things that I've never seen before. Like hostility, betrayal, misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is one of the bad situations that I really don't like. Cause you know, that feeling when you never did something wrong but the others keep on judging you badly. And when you're trying to explain to them the real situation, they don't understand and some ppl don't want to understand but they keep on judging you. I've felt it. There was someone who misunderstanding about me and I explained the real situation, no lied. But "someone" didn't want to understand. So, if I meet "someone", I'll just let them see me until that "someone" know the fact.

I've learned so many things. All I can do is, smile :)
They judge you like they do know everything, just smile to them :)
And when someone talk something bad about and behind you, just let them do it. All you've to do is smile :)
just think that someone who talk something bad behind you, actually is really care about you.

Life is about take and give. That's how you respect each others. You can take but you don't want to give, then don't ever expect that others will respect you.
You receive nice things, give them nice things too. Don't ever do something like, you receive nice things then you reply it with bad things.

1 thing that should not be in this life is look down on someone. God never look down on someone and in His eyes, everyone is same. No difference among us as a human.
I'm really thankful to God that He gave me the Best family and partner in this "Hard Life". I have someone that I can talk to and I have my family where I learned to respect this Life :)\
God made me such a Beautiful Life in this cruel world :)

Partner in every Situations! You rock \m/

Loveable Family :)

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