Thursday, January 10

Happy New Year 2013!

Mine and Juwandi's

Daddy and Mommy

My Elder and Younger Sister 
Low Back Basic Top - Peplum Black Skirt - Patek Phillippe Watch
It was a New Year's Eve :D
I was so excited about New Year, and so do my family. We were hanging out to go for dinner at X.O Suki and Cuisine. It's kinda like a tradition in my family. In New Year's eve, we always going out for dinner. After that, I splitted up with my family. Juwandi picked me up at 9 PM. And invited me to spent new year's eve with his daddy and mommy. So when I joined him, we went to a Temple. They held a New Year's Eve event there. BBQ, etc. But for us, that event was totally failed. We had so much boring there, didn't know what to do until 12 AM. Fortunately, we came in there at 10 PM, so we didn't need to waiting for so long. At the temple, Juwandi ate a Grilled Chicken, and I just ate Grilled Corn. When the clock showed 12AM, they set off fireworks! and we greeted each other A Verry Happy New Year :D
And so do I to you guys! Have a Happy Happy New Year ahead, always have a Good health, Good in Prosperity. May God bless you all! Happy Belated New Year 2013 :D

at The Temple

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